mySIS: online custom stereograms creation

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This site allows to generate your own stereograms, based on one or two lines of text and a selected background pattern. If you don't know what a stereogram (SIS) is, or how to see them, you can read the Wikipedia or my website or ask Google.

If you feel impatient, you can start creating a new stereogram right now.

If you instead want to retrieve a stereogram you already created, or monitor its progress, paste the identifier in the box below and press the button:


• What kind of 3D scenes can I create?

Currently, you can specify one or two lines of text, with several fonts, and set its sizes, positions and orientations.

• Can I use my own background patterns?

Not currently, but I might add that feature in some future. Bear in mind that selecting a good pattern for a stereogram is not trivial.

• What makes this generator special?

Besides being freely available on line... the high quality, I'd say. In particular:

  1. It does not work with image "depth maps", but with true 3D models (I use POV-Ray)
  2. It allows the designer (you) to preview the scene in a standard rendering.
  3. It has a special feature: border emphasis, which can dramatically enhance the visual effect.

• What generator does this uses? Is it available?

It uses a stereogram generator of my own, in Java. It's not available.

• It is possible to create more complex/interesting 3D scenes?

I can certainly do that, check my stereograms gallery, but that requires some human tweaking, this simple online generator does not allows that (though in the future it might support additional features). If you are interested in some custom stereogram, contact me.

• Can the stereograms be printed?

Yes, but the result will not be as good as it could. The final resolution of the stereograms generated by this app is not high, they are optimized for a computer monitor, not for printing. Furthermore, they include a banner in the bottom.
If you wish to get a high definition image, apt for printing (and with no banner), contact me.